November 2, 2021

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Rep. Taffy Howard statement on a special session to address vaccine mandates

Howard working to “Fix Election Fraud, Fix Immigration, and Fix the Debt”

“Thousands of people across South Dakota are faced with losing their livelihoods as COVID-19 vaccine mandates increase.

“It’s time to stand up for the liberty of South Dakotans by holding a special session — we’ll already be there, so it will have virtually no additional cost — on November 9th to discuss unconstitutional vaccine mandates and the effect these mandates are having on our citizens, our economy, and our state.

“The Legislature will already be at the State House, so this special session will not cost taxpayers anything extra. I ask legislative leadership to take advantage of this opportunity to fight for the freedom of our constituents.

“We cannot allow government overreach to strip South Dakotans of their right to personal choice and medical freedom.”