Campaign Update - Update from the Campaign Trail!
December 18, 2021

Taffy Howard for Congress

It’s encouraging to see so many like-minded people come together across the state. Without the backing of fellow patriots like you, this campaign would not be possible.

I enjoyed several “Talks with Taffy” this month. Most recently, I spent time in Rapid, Bison, and Keystone.


Always an honor to be able to speak with supporters and constituents!

Our message resonates with folks because South Dakotans want secure borders and honest elections.

We oppose red flag gun confiscation orders and do not believe our daughters or granddaughters should be drafted.

We do not want gender advisors in our military, and we do not want any more debt or deficit spending.

South Dakotans believe in freedom and want to see core conservative values in America again.

Unfortunately, my opponent isn’t standing up for South Dakotans. He has become a part of the “D.C. Swamp.”


Working in Washington, D.C. with Congressmen and women in the Freedom Caucus to defend freedom and stand up against Biden!

We cannot allow our state’s representatives to contribute to the destruction of this great nation.

Speaking of Washington, D.C., I just made a quick trip to meet with several members of Congress who are standing up for our rights and fighting against the insanity of the “Swamp.”

I had the honor of spending time with Representatives Andy Biggs, Thomas Massie, and Marjorie Taylor Green.


Meeting with Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to brainstorm on ways to win against the left!

It was an honor to spend time with fellow conservatives, and see the work they are doing to represent their constituents. It was encouraging to meet with representatives who are in D.C. to truly represent their people.

I refuse to accept the notion that entrenched bureaucrats and politicians should be running the show.

We have too many politicians who simply “go along to get along.”

Their goals include making a career out of political tricks, and getting money from PACs. I want to send those people packing, starting with Congressman Dusty Johnson.

With your help, we can reclaim our voice here in South Dakota.


Meeting with South Dakotans in their homes and businesses all across the state!

Your contribution of $500, $100, or $50 today will keep my campaign STRONG so that I can join those who are working to drain the swamp in D.C.!

Secure borders, honest elections, freeing our children and grandchildren from unnecessary debt, focusing our military on being battle-ready.

THAT is the America I want to see for future generations — not the future where we no longer have our independence because we sold it for a few pieces of silver.

With divine assistance, our Founding Fathers created a mighty nation. Help me save it.