Campaign Update - Happy New Year – Time to Defend Freedom!
January 1, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Happy New Year!

With each new year comes a fresh list of goals and resolutions that we plan to fulfill.

If you haven’t yet included it in your list, I would like to challenge each of you to become involved in South Dakota politics.

As we’ve witnessed in recent months, people who hold office can greatly affect our livelihoods, both positively and negatively.

We can control the narrative, so why don’t we?

Getting involved is easy, and you can choose how you do so.

Most importantly, VOTE.

Attend your local school board meetings. Attend a city council meeting.

Donate to a candidate who supports your values.

Volunteer to assist with a campaign.

The most effective way to fight for freedom is to start small, in your own community.

As I work to protect freedom in Pierre and Washington DC, will you fight to protect it in your own town?

By getting involved in politics at the local and state level, we will be able to create waves in a sea of tyrannical politicians who believe we are nothing more than deplorables.

If we want this unconstitutional government overreach to come to an end, we must work together as one.

Let’s spend 2022 taking back our country!