Campaign Update - Taking a Stand for Freedom in 2022!
January 6, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

First off, thanks for supporting my campaign!

I am eager to make 2022 a prosperous year for South Dakota, and for our freedom!

This year will be full of campaign stops throughout our beautiful state, so please attend one if you can!

I enjoy every opportunity to put a face with the name of my supporters. I want to hear what YOU think on hot button issues.

Recently, I shared my thoughts on the military’s vaccine mandate that has led to the discharge of our brave men and women who refused to comply with this tyrannical ideology.

Currently, there are two lawsuits against the Department of Defense in opposition to this mandate.

While Biden and Pelosi lead the charge to clamp down on our rights through vaccine mandates, there are 35 named Navy personnel, including SEAL Team members, fighting back in a Texas lawsuit.

These men and women are very much a representation of thousands more service members that are also seeking relief.

I can tell you from my personal experience in Airborne school with several members of the Navy, and as the mom of a Naval officer, we should be doing everything in our power to keep these individuals in our military rather than forcing them out.

Under the current discharge procedure for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine, all educational benefits will be lost, along with their military careers. They are trying to sweep the legs out from under America’s heroes!

Thankfully we won a small victory in the Texas lawsuit I mentioned above. They got a stay of Biden’s push to kick them out, but it doesn’t apply to the rest of the military yet.

South Dakota needs a Representative who will stand up to the left!

As your Representative, I promise to lead the way in standing strong for your Constitutional and God-given rights.

Along with standing up for our military, we need to stand up for agriculture.

Last year, the “50/14″ bill was introduced that would not only have aided in providing job security for farmers and ranchers, but would also have helped save the farms and ranches of families who are currently at risk by providing more transparency in ag markets.

Our farms and ranches need to be protected.

Our farming and ranching families need to be protected.

But once again, unfortunately, Rep. Dusty Johnson is nowhere to be found on the pro-agriculture “50/14″ bill.

It is vital that we stand up against Biden, Pelosi and their allies in Congress. South Dakota needs someone in Congress who will do just that.

I will continue to work tirelessly over the next year to become your next member of Congress for South Dakota and will do my utmost to defend our freedoms.

I can’t keep up the fight alone, and am so grateful for your support over the last several months. If you would like to join this fight for freedom, a contribution of $250, $100 or even $50 can help.

2022 will be our strongest year yet!