Campaign Update - New Legislation to Preserve the Second Amendment!
January 20, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

In just a few months, South Dakota law enforcement officers may be required to impose Biden’s anti-Second Amendment gun control measures.

President Biden has made clear his strong desire for gun control, recently calling on Congress to pass “common sense gun reform.”

And the U.S. House recently passed a “red flag” gun confiscation law for all military servicemen and women!

Biden’s “reform” would also likely include a ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and a full background check for all gun sales.

And unless we pass legislation to block Biden’s power grab, South Dakota law enforcement could be faced with enforcing these bans and even running confiscation!

We MUST stand up and protect BOTH our brave law enforcement officers and our citizens.

But there’s some good news.

I’m co-sponsoring legislation to protect the Second Amendment rights of every South Dakotan against Biden and the Democrats.

This bill will safeguard our Second Amendment against the tyrannical left.

While Biden and his allies have been blocked from passing gun control legislation so far, they promised gun control to their voters and will do everything in their power to score a legislative victory before the 2022 elections.

And while Congress has blocked their attempts so far, do we really trust Mitch McConnell to be a fearless advocate for our Second Amendment rights?

We must pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act in South Dakota.

Although Biden may sign executive orders to override what Congress decides regarding gun control, this bill would ensure that South Dakota only enforces its own laws.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act legislation is based on the Constitutional ‘anti-commandeering doctrine’ which states that the federal government may not ‘commandeer’ the state’s legislative authority and make them enforce laws that are contrary to state law.

This legislation would make federal gun control laws unenforceable in South Dakota. It will allow South Dakota law enforcement officials to enforce ONLY the gun laws that have been passed by the South Dakota Legislature.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act will guarantee that our law enforcement agencies in South Dakota are not required to enforce infringements on our Second Amendment rights.

The rhetoric that comes from our current Presidential administration is politically divisive, misleading, and is a direct threat to our right to bear arms.

The radical Biden Administration is not concerned about the safety of Americans. The leftists in office are focused on lining their pockets via dirty politics and backdoor deals that chip away at our Constitution.

Just this year, we are fighting against “red flag” laws at a federal level, standing strong against members of both parties who want to strip law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process of law and based on nothing more than anonymous accusations.

Fortunately, we can stand up against the Biden Administration’s plan to trample our constitutional liberties. But we must be vigilant. South Dakota cannot allow the Biden Administration to seize the liberties of the people.

The bill I’m co-sponsoring will protect South Dakota’s law enforcement from being required to enforce any unconstitutional anti-gun federal laws or directives. It will prohibit any South Dakota official from assisting, or being contracted by, a federal agency to restrict the possession of firearms or ammunition.

And believe me, the VAST majority of our law enforcement officers don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with Biden’s anti-gun agenda. We MUST stand with them against gun control!

The 2022 Legislative Session is in full-swing and now is the time to let your elected officials hear from YOU. Please sign my petition to ask your Representative to protect your Second Amendment rights!

The Biden Administration has repeatedly proven that they have NO interest in protecting the constitutional rights of the American people. I refuse to stand idly by while tyrannical leaders attempt to strip away our liberties.

Please take a stand with me now and ask your elected officials to block the increasing attempts by the leftists to seize our right to defend ourselves and those we love. We cannot afford to compromise on this issue.

After you sign the petition, will you join me in putting freedom first by donating $500, $250 or $100?

I will never support any action that comes between you and your 2nd Amendment rights. I’ve been outspoken against government overreach during my time in the House and will continue to do so unashamedly.

Thank you for your support.