Campaign Update - Tax refunds and the Stock Show!
February 1, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

As we continue to push through this year’s legislative session, I am beginning to see new challenges ahead of us.

For starters, the state of South Dakota expects to receive a record amount of revenue. As we work to determine a budget and how this revenue will be disbursed, I am focusing on the rights and needs of South Dakotans.

Please take a moment and watch my latest video on my Facebook page. I am encouraged by the support of so many of you, but we have a challenging session ahead of us!

We must not create a habit of building a bigger government rather than reducing the tax burden when we have a surplus. It is time to lower taxes and alleviate financial burdens on tax-paying citizens.

Most recently, I signed a pledge in favor of term limits for all members of Congress. Representative Johnson has yet to sign, but who wouldn’t be apprehensive if they were interested in becoming a career politician?

If you’re wondering who is going to save this country, the answer is WE THE PEOPLE. The establishment wants us to think that this is a losing battle so that we will become complacent when, in reality, there are several members in Congress already who are working hard to hold the line. They need backup!

I am ready to join them and hold the line for America’s values. My campaign continues to stay strong, and we are moving full speed ahead!

Enjoyed spending time with many of you at the Black Hills Stockshow this past weekend!

I hope to meet you at the upcoming Watertown Talk with Taffy on February 18th. I want to hear from every patriot in South Dakota so that I can continue serving you effectively.

Please consider making a monthly donation of $100, $75 or $50 so that we can put a REAL patriot in Congress. Every donation helps, no matter the amount!

We can no longer stand idly by and allow politicians bought and sold by special interests to determine our livelihoods. That’s why I’m asking for your vote as South Dakota’s next US Representative.