Campaign Update - Support Doctor/Patient Freedom!
February 17, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

It’s time to stand up for Medical Freedom.

We cannot allow political red tape to hinder our access to quality healthcare. When physicians are prevented from practicing medicine freely, we face a disastrous problem. Doctor/Patient privilege must be valued and respected.

Right now, the health of you and your family is being dictated by tyrannical politicians, many of whom are busy lining their pockets with dirty money.

These actions are contrary to the essential, American principle of bodily autonomy and must be stopped!

I am cosponsoring HB 1267, which will allow medical professionals to administer and prescribe ivermectin to patients. This bill will fully protect patients’ health by requiring said medical practitioners to operate within accepted medical standards and to give the patient an informational sheet about follow-up care.

HB 1267 simply protects the rights of doctors and patients to decide together what is best for the patient’s health in regard to ivermectin, without government intrusion — something that should be common sense!

Will you sign the Petition for Doctor/Patient Freedom? HB 1267 just passed the House, and the Senate will vote on it very soon. Please ask your state senator to join me in voting for HB 1267. By signing this petition, you will be standing up for free speech and liberty, as well as medical freedom.

While the Biden Administration refuses to acknowledge certain alternative treatment options for Covid-19, ivermectin continues to prove itself effective at treating and curing patients.

Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, recently shared his personal experience treating Covid-19 patients as a Critical Care Chief. His protocol includes ivermectin, which he says,“not only reduces suffering, but saves lives.” He continued by sharing his observation of repeated changes in disease trajectories that included patient improvement without the need for ventilation, and earlier discharge from the ICU.

Dr. Robert Malone, a world-renewed virologist and immunologist who pioneered the mRNA technology, was recently banned from Twitter for speaking out in favor of ivermectin.

Why are we not allowed to make our own healthcare decisions?

You and I both know that it all has to do with politics and money.

Medical doctors and their practices are being censored due to their professional opinion against the establishment’s narrative.

Allowing medical professionals to prescribe or dispense ivermectin without fear of reprisal from governing authorities is a critical factor for success in moving forward from Covid-19.

The last person we need to listen to is a “physician” (Fauci) who has continuously lied to congress and aided in the deaths of THOUSANDS of Americans, all while lining his pockets with Chinese investments.

Ivermectin is an FDA-approved treatment for HUMANS.

No politically-motivated authority should be able to intervene if ivermectin is beneficial to you and you are interested in its benefits.

America’s healthcare system has been hijacked. But through the proper legislation we can recognize the importance of working with acceptable medical standards and uphold the requirement that full care be given.

I need your support as we fight for the lives of our family and friends.

Will you sign the Petition for Doctor/Patient Freedom?

Please stand with me in support of HB 1267, and take action today! Ask your state senator to vote YES on HB 1267.

HB 1267 will protect the right for patients and doctors to choose all available and proven therapeutics for COVID-19 virus, and will work to protect the medical freedom of individuals in South Dakota.

And after you sign this petition, will you consider donating $100, $50, or $25? Each dollar will go toward helping me protect the freedom of all South Dakotans.

I refuse to be silenced by the leftist media that has been so quick to silence others who speak out against this injustice. Together, we can make the patriotic voice of South Dakota louder than those who want to control us!