Campaign Update - Supporting our Farmers and Ranchers
February 22, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Inflation is affecting our country at an unprecedented rate. As prices steadily increase at the grocery store, it is not only negatively affecting us but also the American agriculture industry. Our farmers and ranchers are also suffering greatly at the hands of the pandemic and “woke” policies from the left.

While the free market is what really accelerates job growth, Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan includes just the opposite: a cattle tax and numerous new burdens on jobs and businesses.

Our farmers and ranchers serve at the forefront of our country, and we must protect them at all costs.

While these men and women are working grueling hours in every climate imaginable, they are forced to fight corporate America just to see a return on their investments. Many are being forced into retirement due to unfair markets and the ever-increasing taxes and expenses.

It’s past time we cut the red tape and get the government out of our way so that we can experience real economic growth.

According to the Ranchers-Cattleman Action Legal Fund, meat packers are making an all-time record profit. In 1921, Congress adopted the “Packers & Stockyards Act” to protect farmers and ranchers from “unjustly discriminatory and monopolistic practices,” a recent study showed that 80% of the beef market is dominated by only FOUR companies.

Why aren’t farmers and ranchers being protected from the meat packing industry that is attempting to control the market and rob ranchers of their generational work?

Representative Dusty Johnson, who has a seat on the House Agriculture Committee, claimed to be “cautiously optimistic” after meeting with the White House this month.

But while Johnson was rubbing elbows with the Democrats in Washington, I was meeting with ranchers and farmers throughout South Dakota and listening to their concerns.

I refuse to allow plans like the “Green New Deal” or the Biden Administration’s “Build Back Better” initiative to go into effect. Both would be catastrophic to the farming industry.

As a proponent of the Country-of-Origin Labeling, I will work to ensure that American farmers are protected from outside competitors. I am also committed to protecting farmers and ranchers from further encroachment from OSHA and the EPA.

Please join me in fighting back against this these harmful policies by donating $75, $50 or $25 today.

Farming and ranching have been a way of life for South Dakotans for generations, and I refuse to let the politicians in Washington, D.C. rob us of that with their destructive new “guidelines.”