Campaign Update - I’m supporting these bills to PROTECT life!
February 24, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

As a veteran, I fought to defend our liberties.

As a State Representative, I am fighting to ensure that each South Dakotan experiences the freedom that our Founding Fathers established.

As your next CongresswomanI will stand firm and hold the line when it comes to our core values, including a respect for the sanctity of life.

I’m honored to join South Dakota Right to Life in this critical mission. While we have made great strides in our state, there is more work to be done and it’s going to take teamwork.

The plan to further defend life in South Dakota includes several pieces of legislation that will chip away at the stronghold of death that has tried to take root in our state.

Will you sign this petition, and ask our legislature to stand up for life and pass these bills?

One particular bill (HB 1113) will prohibit threats made with the intent to coerce an abortion and provide a penalty for those who do so. This will help protect expectant mothers from being forced into an unwanted abortion.

Legislation has also been filed to make the Department of Social Services responsible for the cost of a home study (a process required for adoption).

We must create an atmosphere in South Dakota that supports adoption as a viable option for mothers who would otherwise consider abortion.

Think about it:

If faulty systems mean there aren’t enough adoptive parents available, mothers who want to place their child for adoption are put in a difficult position. It’s important we make adoption more affordable, which simultaneously gives birth parents more confidence that their child will be placed in a good home.

Life is a sacred gift from God to be received with love.

Adoptive parents and birth parents have my profound love and support, but the use of commercial contracts to transfer custody of children for compensation, treats them like objects rather than the precious little people that they are.

That is why we must eliminate the use of these commercial contracts to end the important relationship of birth parent and child. HB 1311 addresses the relationship between a birth mother and child while keeping the best interests of the child(ren) at heart.

Legislation has also been filed to prohibit medical abortion by telemedicine.

While I support additional legislation presented this session that would increase penalties for physicians who perform a chemical abortion outside of certain parameters, I’m even more eager to see HB 1208 pass this year.

This bill calls for an end to chemical abortions by not only prohibiting them, but also providing a penalty for those who perform or attempt to perform an abortion using any chemical abortion drug, OR dispense, distribute, manufacture, prescribe, sell or transfer any chemical abortion drug (unless the drug is used for a purpose other than abortion*).

Sadly, abortion isn’t the only vehicle used to terminate viable life.

There are other avenues used to attack the value of life. To prohibit discrimination regarding access to organ transplantsHB 1129 requires that EVERY transplant donor recipient be given due process as well as adequate support needed to successfully manage their post-operative treatment.

It’s time we make it clear that the MURDEROUS ideology of the left is not acceptable by reflecting that fact in our laws.

Do you agree with me about the precious value of life?

Are you willing to sign this petition, and then join me boldly with a donation of $25, $50, or $100, as we open the floodgates of truth to ensure that ALL lives are protected against these atrocious acts?

We cannot allow political games and financial incentives to determine who will be given the right to live any longer. Thank you for your support.