Campaign Update - CPAC & More
March 1, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

While the past two years of the Biden Administration may have felt like an uphill battle, the climb will be well worth it when we put patriots back in politics! The diligent efforts of freedom fighters across this great state will not go unnoticed.

If we continue to push forward, we really will drain the swamp!

The chaos unfolding in Canada and Ukraine over the last several days is a painful reminder that the only thing standing between freedom and tyranny is active patriots like you!

Recently, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, froze the bank accounts of PEACEFUL Freedom Convoy protesters and had them violently removed from the streets. Several months before, he stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests throughout a violent season of “activism.”

This is what happens when we allow those who do not believe in freedom to take offices of power.

We must elect leaders who not only believe in liberty, but are willing to stand for what is right, REGARDLESS of the cost.

Here in South Dakota, we are working tirelessly to keep our state safe and free.

A small part of our doorknocking team out in Sioux Falls. Thanks guys!
One example was a promise made to citizens of South Dakota in 2016 to ensure tax cuts, yet we have watched the legislature continue to show support of MORE government.

Most recently, HB 1327, a bill to REDUCE the sales tax from 4.5% to 4%, died in the Senate State Affairs, despite the House voting in favor of the bill.

But it’s not all bad news. We are over halfway through the session and have seen lots of progress! My campaign is also full steam ahead as we press forward to the June Primary Election.

I was privileged to attend CPAC in Florida as a guest and to receive their Conservative Excellence Award.
I’m looking forward to meeting the Republican Women of Meade County on March 11th and am thrilled to be a part of the Presho St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

If you are unable to make those events, please come introduce yourself and your ideas at the Piedmont Town Hall on March 14thI want to hear concerns from REAL patriots about how I can aid in keeping your liberties alive.

Part of the doorknocking team after braving the cold to hit hundreds of doors. South Dakota is ready to Drain the Swamp!
RINOS and liberals have no plan to combat our issues. Instead, they continue to use the political stage to push whatever ideology satisfies their largest donors.

Will you join me in draining the swamp in DC, and restoring what made this nation great in the first place… South Dakota values? A donation of $250, $100 or even $50 can make a difference.

We need REAL statesmen in office that work to represent REAL people.