Campaign Update - Support the Second Amendment
March 8, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

In recent months, the world has shown us how quickly our freedoms can be stripped away. We have witnessed what were once considered to be flourishing, peaceful countries fall just short of a complete totalitarian takeover.

As we watch modern-day history unfold, we’re reminded that the right to bear arms can be the difference between freedom and complete tyranny.

The current invasion of Ukraine is another grim reminder of how crucial it is for us to always remain prepared. In only a matter of days, the citizens of Ukraine have been forced to arm themselves for defense and survival against the Russian regime.

If we continue to blindly follow the narrative of the left and their mainstream media puppets, will we find ourselves in a similar position?

The Biden Administration has made it clear that they intend to enact a variety of gun-control reform laws across the country, by whatever means possible.

Any politician that attempts to cloak gun control with “safety and concerns for citizens” is an enemy of the state.

We will no longer be gaslit by our own government. As Americans, we should do everything in our power to ensure our liberties are preserved.

That is why I am honored to be a co-author of the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

This bill places limitations on South Dakota’s enforcement of federal laws and directives related to firearms and ammunition. It will ban any South Dakotan official from being contracted by, or assisting, a federal agency in firearm prohibition.

Furthermore, this legislation will exclusively protect the gun owners of South Dakota from an attempt to strip us of our Second Amendment rights.

As a veteran and your representative, I take my oath to protect our country from both foreign and domestic enemies seriously and will remain outspoken against ANY ideology that undermines our Second Amendment right in any way.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition supporting the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

Together, we can pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act and make South Dakota a sanctuary state for gun-ownership.

It’s an unfortunate realization that the same government intended to uphold our freedoms, wants to abolish our liberties. As we watch tyrannical control unfold around the world, may it be a warning to patriots across America.

We cannot allow a small handful of gun control advocates to deny law-abiding citizens of their right to self-defense. Will you join me in safeguarding South Dakota by donating $500, $250 or $100 today?

The right to bear arms is our last form of defense against tyranny. It’s worth protecting.