Campaign Update - Why I Fight for Freedom
April 7, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Serving the people of South Dakota was my motivation behind running for office in 2016. Now, it’s the driving factor behind my candidacy for Congress.

I believe the values held by South Dakotans can help remedy the deep problems that have made Washington, D.C. the “swamp” that it is.

Everyone strives to ensure that their home is safe and secure, and we all want to maintain a safe and stable environment for our family. We should want the same for our state and country.

For many of us, South Dakota will always be our home, and we understand the importance of protecting our state (and country) in the same way we protect our own households.

My husband Mark and I are so thankful for the family we have built here. And it is growing! Here we are with our sons Austin and Matthew and our new daughters-in-law.
I am asking for your vote as South Dakota’s next Congresswoman so that I can continue my mission to restore election integrity and defend the Second Amendment.

We deserve leadership who will champion the right to life, lower taxes, defend medical freedom, and protect our businesses and agriculture.

It is more important than ever for us to safeguard America in the same way that we defend our own homes. Government overreach and tyrannical ideology have no place here.

As I’ve mentioned before, South Dakota has always been ‘home’ to me, and I will not shy away from my duty to protect it.

My mother pinning on my airborne wings.
It only makes sense to protect what is yours. This country was handed down to us and we have a duty to preserve it. That is why I fight.

After serving out of state in the military, my husband and I returned to make South Dakota our home once again. I’ve spent my life in service, from my years in the U.S. Air Force to my time in office. Mark and I raised our two boys here, and over the last six years I’ve worked hard to create an environment that will help our families thrive.

I have worked tirelessly to keep government overreach at bay, while simultaneously establishing a foundation of freedom for generations to come.

It’s been an honor to serve District 33 the last several years, and I’m excited to bring the same values to D.C.
I will continue to fight the same battles for all of you in D.C.

We need a REAL patriot guarding our home from the D.C. swamp. We can no longer allow fear to preside over our freedoms. It’s time for the RINOs who facilitate leftist policy to vacate politics.

Will you help me clean house by donating $200, $100 or $50, today?

I am so grateful for the life my family and I have been able to build in South Dakota, and I want to give back to my state and country that have given so much to me.

This is our home. Help me protect it and all of us who live here.


Rep. Taffy Howard
Candidate for U.S. Congress, South Dakota

P.S. I’m not in politics to protect the establishment. I’m in politics to protect YOUR freedom.

I need your help! Will you make it clear to the establishment that their handful of deep-pocket donors can’t compete with an abundance of grassroots donors by contributing $25 or more today?

It’s time to make it clear to the establishment that our home will not be compromised by their dangerous ideology any longer.