Campaign Update - Campaign Update! April
April 29, 2022

Dear Fellow Patriot,

We are in the middle of an ideological war in our country.

We have a personal duty to defend what is right and good. But what will it take to restore the America that we know and love?

It’s going to take teamwork and perseverance.

Thankfully, South Dakotans are committed to taking action! Right now, my campaign has volunteer groups across the state going door-to-door to encourage voters and inform them about the upcoming election.

This girl and her dad came to one of my meetings, and she decided to help us out and spread the word! You’re never too young to take action in your community!
With just over a month until the election, I’ve been traveling around our state to meet with as many of you as possible. I’m encouraged to see so many America First patriots who are excited about our campaign!

June 7th is just around the corner. Now is the time to get out and spread the word about Howard for Congress! If you are able to help us, please visit and sign up to volunteer.

At the Brown County Lincoln Day dinner!
Our campaign is gaining momentum because South Dakotans know that we need to send a real Republican to D.C.

With rising inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and many businesses struggling to keep their doors open after lockdowns, many Americans are having a difficult time making ends meet. Something drastic has to change – and quickly.

According to a survey published this week, Americans are quickly losing confidence in the U.S. economy.

The study showed that 42% rated our current economic conditions as “poor.” Even more concerning is that approximately 76% of those surveyed think that the economy is only going to get worse.

Our country was built upon opportunity and freedom. It is our duty to preserve both for future generations.

As I’ve traveled across the state, I’ve heard many of you voice the same concerns I have about the state of our country:

We must fix the economy.

We must secure our borders. We need to finish the wall!

We must protect our Second Amendment.

And, unlike our DC delegation, I have questions about election night 2020. What’s wrong with investigating it? What are people afraid of?

It’s time to bring real conservatism to D.C.

And, the Biden administration continues to enact policies that are harmful to South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers who are already struggling with the burden of sky-high inflation.

I support our agricultural industry and believe in cutting red tape and getting government out of the way.

We need to support real job growth by protecting the free market, and opposing Biden’s “Build it Back Better” plan, which includes many harmful policies including a cattle tax.

I’ve even partnered with Amdahl Angus & Hereford to raise awareness through a giveaway.

Will you stand with me in favor of our farmers and ranchers? Add your name to the drawing for a chance to win 20lbs of steak and 30lbs of hamburger. CLICK HERE for your shot at over $400 worth of the best beef in the country!

Together, we can raise awareness, declare the truth, and restore freedom and prosperity to the people.

But it takes all of us to hold the line against the deep pockets of the establishment.

Please consider chipping in toward my campaign TODAY so that we can keep the wheels turning!

Whether you can donate $500, $250, $100, $50 or just $20.22 in support of reclaiming our country in the 2022 elections, please know that every dollar will be used toward protecting freedom in South Dakota!


GIVE $500

GIVE $250

GIVE $100

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GIVE $50

GIVE $20.22

Let’s work together to create a bright future for young Americans by improving the economy, supporting agriculture, securing our elections, and reining in our out-of-control federal government.


Rep. Taffy Howard
Candidate for U.S. Congress, South Dakota

P.S. If you are willing and able to help with the campaign in any way, please let me know.

Unable to volunteer but still want to make a difference? CLICK HERE to make a contribution toward my campaign so that we can drain the swamp once and for all. Whether you can donate $100 or just $20.22 in support of America-First candidates in our 2022 elections, every dollar helps!


Please share this email with your friends and family in South Dakota, and tell them to visit!

Thank you for your support, and God bless you and your family!