Campaign Update - He’s tossing away the rights of our young people…
May 6, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I need to report a troubling instance of Rep. Dusty Johnson tossing the rights of our students by the wayside.

This under-the-radar vote puts the personal information of our students at risk right as they begin their transition into adulthood.

Not only are colleges and the federal government encouraging students to take our MASSIVE debt… now they’re potentially opening them up to identity theft! And Dusty Johnson supported it under the guise of opposing China.

It’s Johnson’s continual support of legislation like this that makes me say…

Rep. Dusty Johnson must GO or else he will continue to side with the Democrats and put the rights of Americans in jeopardy!

And without your support today, Johnson and his establishment backers may just be able to keep him in Washington to continue his establishment voting habits.

It’s all happening under the guise of the America Competes Act of 2022 which passed the House in February and is currently working its way through the Senate.

Rep. Dusty Johnson voted for the America Competes Act even though the Democrats added SERIOUS 4th Amendment privacy violations through an amendment before the bill passed the House! And Dusty knowingly voted for both the bill and the amendment.

The “Levin Amendment” to the bill does this:

1) The amendment allows the government to track every single student pursuing a postsecondary education without their consent!

That is a MAJOR violation of the 4th Amendment!

Even worse, it allows the Biden administration to match the data with other agencies across the federal government.

This is akin to “legal” surveillance on our young people.

2) It puts the personal data of America’s students at risk of being hacked by Russia and the Chinese Communist Party.

By gathering all the data into one central location, it gives foreign adversaries and cyber criminals a target.

And believe me, Russia and the Chinese Communist Party would love to get more leverage on our young people.

At a time when students are just pushing off into the world, we should be looking for ways to PROTECT their futures instead of EXPOSING them to potential identity theft.

“But the government could never get hacked!”

Let the Democrats tell that to the over 100,000 people who had their private tax information stolen when someone hacked an IRS database!1

Here’s the bottom line:

Not only does this bill represent a massive invasion of our student’s privacy…

…and fails to address the real skills gap that our country needs to fill NOW…

It represents something else, too:

This bill represents the kind of compromise that you’ll continue to get with two more years of Dusty Johnson in the US House of Representatives.

This bill, and the compromises that Dusty Johnson makes on your freedom, are the reason I am running for Congress.

We can’t have a congressman who continues to vote away our students’ privacy rights, votes to impeach our President in a political witch hunt, and votes to defund the border wall.

Today, I need your help to beat Dusty Johnson so South Dakota can have a real conservative voice in Washington.

Will you consider chipping in to my campaign before the CRUCIAL June 7th primary election?

Some South Dakotans are truly able to give a large donation like $5,800. But that is not in reach for many of us. If you can give that amount today, that helps us “skip a step” and move STRONGLY towards the June 7th election.

For others, even something like $3,600, $2,500, or $1,000 is not too much. Again, bigger donations like these give a BIG boost going into this election against an establishment-backed opponent.

Maybe $750, $500, or $250 is in your wheelhouse today. If so, these kinds of donations give us a fighting chance to take a real conservative voice to Washington!

For many others, $100, $75, or $50 are more realistic. Today, if you can dig deep and chip in this amount, our campaign would greatly benefit and I would be truly appreciative.

For most, something like $35 or even just $25 is realistic. If gas prices and inflation are squeezing your pocketbook, a donation like this helps me take the kind of conservative values to Washington that will SOLVE those problems!

Whatever the case, let me reiterate something…

Dusty Johnson is not a conservative who represents South Dakota values. He votes with the left. He breaks with his own party. And he votes away our students’ 4th Amendment rights.

I need your help and generous financial support to defeat him on June 7th and take back the South Dakota seat for the conservative values you and I both cherish.

Remember, South Dakota only gets ONE voice in the House of Representatives… today, you can help make it a voice you can be proud of.

I truly appreciate your generous support.


Rep. Taffy Howard
Candidate for U.S. Congress, South Dakota

P.S. Dusty Johnson is at it again!

He’s voting away the 4th Amendment rights of our college students by allowing the government to track and store their private information in a “totally secure” government database. That gives Russian hackers and the Chinese Communist Party a juicy target to get young Americans’ information.

And the legislation he supported does LITTLE to close the skills gap we’re facing in America.

These are the kinds of things your South Dakota representative will continue to vote for if Dusty stays in office!

Will you consider chipping in to my campaign to defeat Dusty Johnson on June 7th and take real conservative, South Dakota values back to the US House of Representatives?