Campaign Update - Johnson has FAILED South Dakota
May 17, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Just 21 days remain until the June 7th primary election!

Let me remind you how VITAL this election is.

South Dakota only gets one seat in the House of Representatives. That means whoever gets elected to Congress will represent all South Dakotans… for better or worse. And it’s almost guaranteed that whichever candidate wins the primary election goes to Washington!

Quite frankly, I’m concerned about the “South Dakota voice” that’s been in Washington on our behalf for the last 4 years.

That’s why I decided to run for office.

My opponent Rep. Dusty Johnson has been undermining our conservative values in Congress and it’s time that we put an end to it.

Not only has he been a staunch supporter of Liz Cheney who was put out from Republican leadership for compromising with the Left…

Dusty has been siding with left-wing Radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi to shut down the border wall funding!

I need your help before the crucial June 7th election to get a real conservative voice back in South Dakota’s seat and spread our message of truth, accountability, and freedom in Washington!

If Dusty Johnson wins on June 7th, here’s just a bit of what you can expect…

1) Dusty’s Continued Support for Massive Government Spending Bills

While he’s been in office, Dusty’s voted for 5,251,751,320,000 in government spending (Spending Tracker).

That’s over 5 trillion dollars.

That includes the TRILLIONS in COVID-19 spending that jump-started the massive inflation we are seeing come to fruition at the grocery stores and gas pumps.

Remember, he’s not spending the “government’s money”… he’s spending your money, your children’s money, and your grandchildren’s money!

2) Dusty’s OPPOSITION to President Trump’s Border Wall Funding

Dusty Johnson has joined Democrats including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi to vote against the wall being built on our southern border 3 different times. Now, under the Biden administration, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants per month have been flooding into our country.

Remember, the wall was going up… and Dusty Johnson tried to stop it!

If we have another chance to secure our southern border, Republicans in the House will need every vote we can get to squeeze it through.

Dusty Johnson is not someone we can trust to protect our nation’s sovereignty!

3) Dusty’s COMPROMISE on the Second Amendment

South Dakota has a rich history with guns. They helped settle our state and today they continue to preserve our way of life.

Despite that fact, Dusty Johnson has voted to curtail gun rights!

He supported a bill that would open our military service members up to “red flag gun confiscation”! That gives a judge the power to strip away Second Amendment rights on someone’s say-so.

The bottom line is…

When it comes to preserving the conservative values of fiscal responsibility, law & order, and the right to bear arms, Dusty Johnson has been asleep at the wheel!

Today, I need your support to make sure South Dakotans are actually represented in Washington.

Would you consider donating $100, $75, or $50 to my campaign?

Or perhaps a smaller gift of $35 or $25? It’s these kinds of small donations that have fueled my grassroots campaign since the beginning!

Wherever you stand today, I need you to know that this is a do-or-die moment.

With less than a month left until the June 7th primary, any amount you can give will go directly to guarding against another 2 years of Johnson’s compromise with the Democrats!

Please rush in your donation today. The need is urgent.

Your support is truly appreciated.


Representative Taffy Howard
Candidate for U.S. Congress

P.S. We’re coming up on a CRUCIAL deadline here!

The June 7th primary election is nearly upon us and it will decide whether or not true South Dakota values have a voice in Washington, D.C. I need your support to make sure we finish this race strong.

Rep. Dusty Johnson has been compromising with the Democrats and trying to block vital funding for the border wall during his time in office. Truly, he has failed South Dakota.

Will you consider chipping in to my campaign today so we have the vital resources we need to win the urgent June 7th primary?

We have no time to waste, and we must get the word out that freedom comes first in 2022! Please forward this email to your friends and family in South Dakota, and tell them to visit!