Campaign Update - Campaign Update May 19
May 19, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Dear Fellow Patriot,

As we get closer and closer to the June 7th election, I am more encouraged than EVER.

South Dakotans all across this state are coming out in droves to support our campaign and our pro-America, pro-life, pro-border security message.

I’ve been on the road meeting many supporters like you this last week.

My biggest stop was at Ellsworth Air Force Base on the 14th for the Air Show.

Great to be back at Ellsworth AFB, where I spent my last days as active-duty, and had my son Austin.
That really took me back to when I was stationed at EAFB in 1993!

After the Air Show I had the opportunity to speak at the “Prelude to the Primary” Rally alongside Scott Presler, the 2021 CPAC Ronald Reagan Freedom Award Recipient.

The big message?

We need a Congress that puts America FIRST, defends life for the unborn, and secures our southern border! I’ve spent my whole time in the Air Force and in Pierre putting America FIRST, and I will continue to do so in D.C.

I was also able to visit Spink County, Lawrence County, Lake County, and Codington County for their Lincoln Day Dinners. My husband, Mark, was able to join us for two of these events, too!

I LOVE these events because it gives me the chance to hear directly from South Dakota voters like you, shake your hands, and learn what really matters to you.

It’s become obvious that South Dakotans are FULL of common sense. The problem is we haven’t had our Representative voting that way since he was elected in 2019!

If elected to represent South Dakota in Washington, I will be PROUD to vote based on the South Dakota Common Sense Values that you and I both share… no matter what names the liberal elites and establishment want to call me!

Another encouraging event was the 50 State Fellowship of Freedom Rally in Pierre on April 30th. We discussed COVID-19 mandates and what should be done about them.

When it comes to COVID-19 mandates, forced vaccinations, and mask restrictions… I’m with South Dakotans who are SICK and TIRED of our elected officials abusing their “emergency powers” and enforcing their will on us without our consent.

We must STOP the push for tyrannical power and not let the bureaucrats in DC interfere with our medical freedom!

It was an honor to stand by other like-minded candidates, a fair and honest reporter, and a courageous pastor as we spoke out against the COVID tyranny we saw these past two years!

And there’s one other VERY important event I need you to know about…

It’s the June 7th election.

This election will determine whether or not your South Dakota values are represented in Washington, D.C for the next two years!

My opponent, Rep. Dusty Johnson, has shown time and time again that he will side with the Democrats and scoff at the common sense values of everyday South Dakotans.

He’s sided with the Democrats, he’s tried to block the funding of Trump’s border wall, and he’s supported Liz Cheney who lost the confidence of all truly conservative Republicans in the House.

That’s why I need your generous support today as we push towards the June 7th election. Your support helps us travel across the state and push our America FIRST message out to more South Dakota voters.

Will you consider chipping in to help me continue this fight for American values?

We must tell the establishment Republicans that they’re not in Washington to attend cocktail parties and compromise on our values. They’re regularly entertaining big money donations of $5,800, the legal maximum contribution. Now, that’s a lot for the everyday South Dakotan, but a donation like that would go a long way in getting our message out before the 7th!

For others, even something like $3,600, $2,500, or $1,000 is a possibility. We need Dusty Johnson to understand that we don’t appreciate him putting our grandkids into debt with irresponsible spending!

Maybe $750, $500, or $250 is more like it for you. If you can dig deep and rush in a donation like this, your support will make a BIG impact on the June 7th election.

For many others, $100, $75, or even $50 is what you could do. It’s vital that we send a message to Washington that our border MUST be secure. This donation helps us do that!

For most, $35 or $25 is all that’s possible today. I’m thankful for the small but MIGHTY contributions of everyday citizens like you. Your support encourages me to stand up and fight for the conservative values you and I both share!

Now, I must reiterate something…

I need your support ASAP. The June 7th election is coming fast. If you can rush in your donation today, that gives us time to put it to good use before South Dakota voters hit the polls next month.

Will you join me in taking true conservative values to D.C?

We only get one Congressman for South Dakota, so it’s imperative to make your vote count on June 7th.

Your support is greatly appreciated and truly moves the needle for freedom.


Representative Taffy Howard
Candidate for U.S. Congress

P.S. I’ve been all across our beautiful South Dakota meeting citizens and it reminded me of one thing… D.C needs YOUR common sense values!

And Dusty Johnson’s voting record tells me he just doesn’t have them. He’s been trying to block the border wall, voting for TRILLIONS in new spending that will enslave our grandchildren, and voting with Democrats.

The great news is we’ve got a shot to take his seat with our common sense America FIRST agenda. I need your help to make it happen!

Will you consider chipping in whatever you can to give us the extra push we need before the June 7th election?

We have no time to waste, and we must get the word out that freedom comes first in 2022! Please forward this email to your friends and family in South Dakota, and tell them to visit!