Campaign Update - Here’s what Biden REALLY means by “ultra-MAGA”
June 1, 2022

Taffy Howard for Congress

Dear Fellow Patriot,

President Joe Biden has been reading a new word off the teleprompter a lot recently…


It’s meant to describe so-called Republican “extremists.”

Here’s what he really means:

“Ultra-MAGA” is a verbal attack on Americans who think this country is GREAT.

It’s a condescending epithet for people like you and me who don’t share the Democrats’ elitist, left-wing views that have created some of the most violent, decrepit cities in the country.

It’s an attempt to shame us for believing in the principles that have made this country great, like limited government, personal responsibility, and hard work.

But I’m not ashamed to say it:

I 100% believe that we should “Make America Great Again.” And I need your support today so we can take this America First agenda to D.C.

I take it as a compliment that Biden calls the common-sense proposals supported by me and thousands of everyday South Dakotans as “ultra-MAGA.”

Here’s what “ultra-MAGA” means to me:

•  Secure Our Southern Border to keep out human traffickers, drug dealers, and violent criminals.

•  Cut Spending and Shrink Government so everyday South Dakotans can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness WITHOUT “Bidenflation” and suffocating regulation.

•  Defend the Right to Life so that we keep thousands of babies a day from being aborted in the womb.

•  Protect Our 2nd Amendment Rights to ensure we can defend our freedom and defend our families.

•  Preserve Medical Freedom so you can choose the best options to keep your family healthy and maintain your freedom.

•  Ensure Election Integrity to make sure the American people can still govern ourselves and elect our own leaders.

Those are the policies that can truly Make America Great Again. Those are the policies that will ensure freedom for all and give everyone equal opportunity to pursue the American dream. Those are the policies that thousands of South Dakotans and I support.

So when Biden calls us the “ultra-MAGA crowd,” I think you should take that as a compliment.

Unfortunately, they are policies that my opponent, Rep. Dusty Johnson, has compromised on during his time in Congress.

In fact, I don’t think Biden would call Rep. Dusty Johnson “ultra-MAGA” at all, since he’s been siding with Democrats on key issues!

Just look at his record:

•  Secure Our Southern Border? Nope, Dusty voted to block Trump’s border wall funding three times, siding with Democrats including Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

•  Cut Spending and Shrink Government? Nope, Dusty has voted for $5,251,751,320,000 in new government spending, increasing our federal debt, pushing Biden’s inflation-causing tax-and-spend policies, and being fiscally irresponsible.

•  Protect Our 2nd Amendment Rights? Nope, Dusty voted for controversial “red flag gun confiscation” legislation that would affect our soldiers after they’ve sacrificed so much for our country. If he’ll throw their 2nd Amendment rights away, what will he do with yours?

•  Ensure Election Integrity? Nope, Dusty voted with the Democrats to ignore potential voter fraud in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

And Dusty even brags about his support for Rep. Liz Cheney. Cheney lost the confidence of her Republican colleagues and was booted out of party leadership for undermining the conservatives!

At a moment in America when it’s so VITAL that every conservative is pushing in the same direction… Rep. Dusty Johnson continues to side with the D.C. Swamp, only playing ‘conservative’ on TV, and consistently voting alongside Democrats.

In the November midterm elections, EVERYONE is expecting a “bloodbath” for Democrats. Political strategists from both sides of the aisle are saying Democrats will likely lose their majorities in the House and Senate.

So here’s the question… what kind of Republicans will fill Congress?

Will it be establishment Republicans that have compromised with Democrats the past 10+ years?

Or will it be true conservative leaders who believe in “Making America Great Again”?

In South Dakota, that’s the choice we have to make on June 7th.

Today, I need your support to meet this urgent deadline and make sure we have a true conservative voice for South Dakota in Congress.

Will you consider chipping in to my campaign here at the final hour to make sure we can get our pro-freedom message out to enough South Dakotans?

Even just $100, $75, or $50 is a big boost as we come down to the final moments of this campaign.

Maybe all you can give today is $35 or $25. Your support is the fuel we need to make it across the finish line and Make America Great Again!

Whatever you can give, know this… this need is urgent and the difference between Dusty Johnson and me is clear.

We’re just 7 days away from the June 7th primary election. And this election will decide whether we have a conservative fighter or a moderate compromiser representing South Dakota in Congress.

I hope you join me today with your support and vote Taffy Howard on June 7th.

Thank you so much.


Rep. Taffy Howard
Candidate for U.S. Congress

P.S. Biden wants to call true conservative Americans the “ultra-MAGA” crowd to shame them for supporting the things that make this country great… the things that Democratic politicians no longer believe in like limited government, personal responsibility, and hard work.

Me? I take it as a compliment!

Will you consider chipping in to my campaign before the looming June 7th election? I need your urgent support to make sure South Dakotans realize what’s at stake in this election.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

We have no time to waste, and we must get the word out that freedom comes first in 2022! Please forward this email to your friends and family in South Dakota, and tell them to visit!