Gun Rights

2nd Amendment: Our Individual Right

The 2nd amendment, which states, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” has been around since the Bill of Rights was passed in 1791.  I am an ardent supporter of our 2nd amendment rights.  Many on the left see this amendment as applying only to militias and they believe we as individuals must give up our right to keep and bear arms.  Barring that they try to restrict our gun ownership in every possible way.  President Obama has likened registering guns to registering vehicles and there is an excellent article in “The American Rifleman” this month addressing that exact issue.  Basically, it’s a ridiculous comparison and we can’t compare a basic right that is enshrined in our constitution (the right to bear arms) with a government-provided benefit (the ability to drive on roads).  I would encourage you to look up that article if you have the opportunity.

I firmly believe the 2nd amendment affirms our individual rights to keep and bear arms, not just for our individual protection, but for the protection of our state and country as well.  It is not a “collective” right, but an individual one.  Many will argue that gun ownership is simply about the “right” to use them hunting, and therefore we should restrict ownership to only those guns used for hunting.  Any honest historian will agree, the framers of the Constitution did not have deer hunting in mind when they penned the 2nd amendment!

I have served in the military and at one time could take apart and put together an M-16 and shoot it with reasonable accuracy.  I have enjoyed shooting for sport almost my entire life.  My most recent Christmas gift was a Ruger LC-9 just this past Christmas.  Our family enjoys pheasant hunting in the middle of the state although I will admit I act more as a “bird dog” on our pheasant outings than actually doing any hunting.  My husband and boys all enjoy deer hunting as well, and once again I will admit I do not get up on the often sub-freezing mornings to enjoy that sport with them, but I do enjoy the end product–a freezer of deer meat to enjoy the rest of the year.

There have been various Supreme Court rulings through the years dealing with the 2nd Amendment.  One of the most recent was District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008 which affirmed an individual’s right to possess and carry firearms.  The debate is far from over though.  Every time there is another tragedy such as San Bernardino, California, or Roseburg, Oregon, or Newtown, Connecticut, the liberals rally to push anew for gun control legislation.  As supporters of the 2nd Amendment we have to be ever vigilant.  While it is often said, we must always remember, it is not guns that kill people; it is people who kill people.

Gun rights are an individual right, not a collective right, as those on the left would like us to believe.  I will work to prevent any encroachment of our 2nd amendment rights.