Will Rogers said, “The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worseevery time Congress meets.” We should not live in fear that every time our legislators meet theyare going to raise our taxes. The hard-working people of South Dakota deserve to keep more oftheir hard-earned money and enjoy the freedom that entails.

One of the most egregious taxes in our state is the property tax. No one knows when they purchase their home if they will be able to afford to live in it until THEY choose to leave it, either by selling it or by death. Going door to door, I hear from so many residents who are seeing year after year of skyrocketing property taxes. We have the ability to do something substantive in regards to these taxes, we simply need more legislators in Pierre with the willpower. This issue was my top issue during my time in the state House and it will continue to be a top priority in the Senate!